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After the Saucers Landed


After the Saucers Landed

Night Shade Books

by Douglas Lain

Hardcover: 272 pages

ISBN-10: 1597808237 Trade Paper 15.99

ISBN-13: 978-0765321725 ebook 15.99


“When the alien gets around to unzipping her jumpsuit it’ll be
impossible to see what’s underneath.”

It’s the 90s and Ufologist Harold Flint is heart broken and depressed because the aliens that landed on the White House lawn appear to be straight out of an old B movie. They wave to the television cameras in their sequined jumpsuits, proceed to form a non-proift organization offering new age enlightenment, and hover their saucers over the streets of New York looking for converts.

Harold wants no part of this kitschy invasion and ignores it until one of the aliens, a beautiful blonde named Asket, approaches him in his University art studio and begs him to investigate the saucers again. She wants him to write another UFO book because the aliens and their mission are not as they seem.

Asket isn’t who she seems to be either. Tracking down her true personality leads Harold and his cowriter Brian Johnson through a maze of identity and body swapping madness. Descending into paranoia as Harold realizes that reality, or at least humanity’s perception of it, may be more flexible than anyone wants to admit.

After the Saucers Landed is a deeply unsettling experimental satire placing author Douglas Lain alongside contemporaries like Jeff VanderMeer and Charles Yu as one of his generation’s most exciting and challenging speculative fiction voices.

Advance Praise

“Lain takes us on a wild trip through the art and science of flying saucers and explores the fluid nature of identity in interesting and surprising ways. You’ll be glad you read this.”
—Ray Vukcevich, author of Meet Me in the Moon Room

“Brilliant. . .Lain manages in his subtle and involving tale of shifting realities to tie in Fluxus, the Carpenters. . .and the aliens with whom we are most familiar, the ones we see in our mirrors each day.”
—Jack Womack, author of Random Acts of Senseless Violence

“Lain’s writing is unsettling, ferociously smart, and extremely addictive.”
—Kelly Link, author of Get in Trouble and Magic for Beginners


DOUGLAS LAIN has been writing short fiction since 1999 and his first novel Billy Moon was the Library Journal’s fantasy debut of the month for August 2013.
Lain is the voice behind the Zero Squared podcast and works as a freelance publisher at Zero Books. He lives in Portland, Oregon, with his wife and four children.