Zero Squared Special: A Reading in Defense of Zizek


Right before I jetted off to NYC to attend the Left Forum I’d edited a conversation with C Derick Varn for this week’s podcast. Upon my return I see that I made a mistake and saved the wrong file. So that podcast will be put off for a bit. Instead this week’s podcast is merely a reading of a blog post reporting on the Left Forum and the Zizek controversy.

This is entitled “Standing with Slavoj Žižek and Against an Illness on the Left” and it’s dedicated to Vakhtang, a fellow traveler and Lacanian who I know on FB and met for the first time in NYC. Cheers, Vakhtang. Let’s not let the PC police get us down.

In this episode you’ll hear a clip from the Left Forum and a clip from Slavoj Zizek’s appearance on the podcast Comedy Bang Bang!

Zero Squared #68: Unsafe Spaces


Tom Slater is the guest this week and we discuss his book out from MacMillan entitled Unsafe Space: The Crisis of Free Speech on Campus which came out from MacMillan books in April. Tom Slater is deputy editor at spiked, UK. He coordinates spiked’s free-speech campaigns Down With Campus Censorship! and the Free Speech University Rankings, the UK’s first university league table for free speech. Tom has written on politics, pop culture and free speech for the Spectator, the Telegraph, Times Higher Education, The Times and the Independent.

In this episode you’ll hear from some Yalies who are afraid of Halloween, Joan Baez, instructions on how to freeze a peach, and clips from John Adam’s “The Chairman Dances” and Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s get it on” and the Vitamin String Quartet cover of Happy by Pharrell Williams.

6 May 2016, 2:46am
Zero Squared


Zero Squared #67: How to Dismantle the NHS


Dr. Youssef El-Gingihy is a GP at Bromley by Bow Health Centre and the author of How to Dismantle the NHS in 10 Easy Steps that was published by Zero Books in July of last year. We discuss how the NHS is being broken up into a private insurance system based on the American model.

Here in the States life took an absurd turn in the last few days as the reality television star Donald Trump locked in the Republican nomination for the presidential campaign. In related news hell froze over and pigs were seen circling Ronald Reagan international airport.

In this episode you’ll hear Martin Freeman throwing his support behind the NHS, an establishment oriented description of the TTIP produced by IBT Partners, and “For the Love of Money” as covered by Nektar.

Zero Squared #66: Basic Drone pt 2


Joanna Demers is associate professor of musicology at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, where she specializes in post-1945 popular and art music. Her book with Zero Books Drone and Apocalypse was published on December 11th in 2015 and this week she returns to the for part two of a conversation on drone music.

Last week we lost two great musicians. The pop Star Prince and the experimental musician Richard Lyons. Everyone knows about Prince, but Lyons was a founding member of Negativland and it seems appropriate to dedicate this week’s podcast to him and his band.

In this episode you’ll hear an airconditioner shift tones, Timothy Morton discussing the style of the consumer, a clip from 1999, Negativland’s Time Zones, Negativland’s Harry to the Ferry and Pastor Dick and Muriel’s Purse Fund.