Diet Soap Podcast #213: The 666ties


Robert N Lee is the guest this week as we discuss his 666ties series of independent novellas. Robert N. Lee is an author, an editor, and a graphic designer, his website is and the cover art for this week’s episode is his work and I urge you all to take a look at the image with this week’s show notes.

I should also point out that the final collage is taken from youtube. The youtube star FarOff created the mashup you hear at the end. Here’s a link to The Bealtes vs LCD Soundsystem vs The Kinks.

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In upcoming episodes of Diet Soap I’ll be discussing Lacan and Melanie Klein with a psychoanalyst, analyzing Columbo, discussing Feminism, Marxism, and twitter character assassinations, and, as always talking about Star Trek and Value theory.

Diet Soap Podcast #212: The Imperial Risk


Margaret Kimberley discusses imperialism on this week’s episode. A regular columnist for the Black Agenda Report, Margaret Kimberley is also a regular guest on the podcast, and we discuss Imperialism, the Ukraine, and the game of Risk that is Capitalism.

It’s Friday, June 6th, 2014, and I’m Douglas Lain the host of this podcast.

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Again I want to thank Margaret Kimberley for coming on the show again. While it’s true that even after this episode I am still wrestling with the idea of Imperialism (I don’t know how well what I think of as Imperialism fits with my wannabe Marxism and my dogged focus on exploitation, the means of production, Value, and all the rest) talking to Kimberley is always a joy.

Double Feature Review #2: Dredding Red Dawn


Red Dawn 2012 and Dredd are the two films for this month’s Double Feature Review podcast with Jim Farris and Douglas Lain. It’s landing here, on the Diet Soap podcast feed, but will also be getting its own RSS feed this week. Again, Jim Farris is a grumpy old man with a history in Hollywood whose knowledge of movies and movie history is extensive and Douglas Lain is this guy Jim knows.

A quick Synopsis: Doug enjoyed Dredd a bit more than Jim did while both lamented the existence of Red Dawn. Some topics discussed include Gilles Deleuze’s notion of affective filmmaking and the noble history of product placement in cinema.

From Red Dawn:

Matt Eckert: We’re not doing too bad for a bunch of kids. We’re gonna fight, and we’re gonna keep fighting, because it’s easier now. And we’re used to it. The rest of you are going to have a tougher choice. Because we’re not going to sell it to you. It’s too ugly for that. But when you’re fighting in your own backyard, when you’re fighting for your family, it all hurts a little less, and makes a little more sense. Because for them, this is just a place. But for us, this is our home.
Prisoners: [repeatedly chanting in open rebellion against guards before liberation] Wolverines!

17 May 2014, 7:27pm


Diet Soap Podcast Special: Modernity, the Cage, Star Trek


Modernity and Star Trek is the subject this week as my son Benjamin joins me on the podcast. I’m making slow progress on “How to Watch Star Trek (a geek’s guide to modern life)” for Zero Books and I thought, as motivation, I’d start recording these conversational summaries as I go along. This week we talked, for a short while, about what modernity is, the death of God, Descartes, and the pilot episode of Star Trek entitled “The Cage.”