Advancing Conversations: Appearance on Right Wing Radio

zerospecialI was a guest on the American conservative radio program “The Brett Winterble Show” and spoke briefly to Brett about Zero Books’ new line calledAdvancing Conversations, as well as about Aubrey de Grey’s ideas on life extension and Karl Marx.

Winterble made sure that I didn’t believe in UFO conspiracies and I assured Brett that I did believe that the moon landing was real.

The Brett Winterble show is a four hour talk program broadcast five days a week in San Diego, California.

Zero Squared 49: Against Capitalist Education

Nadim Bakhshov is a member of the museum of thought collective, an imaginal archaeology group specialising in unearthing historical conceptual artefacts and founded a radical post-conceptual art movement with the Argentine pataphysician Kurt César. His book Against Capitalist Education is out from Zero Books right now. The book is written as a philosophical dialogue. The book argues that the education system is being crushed by the demands of capitalism and, in turn, is crushing those who pass through it.

Friedrich Faust, author of Gone With the Crowd blurbed the book this way, “A fundamental challenge to those who argue the humanities have no place in brave new world dominated by the technocrats.”

In this episode you’ll hear a bit of music from a little movie called Star Wars, an excerpt from the youtube video featuring Dr. Bart van Heerikhuizen from the University of Amsterdam as he explains the ideas Émile Durkheim as well as some clips about Jediism, and music from the Awesome8bit.

Zero Squared #45: Psychology or Progress?

Ashley Frawley is the author of the Semiotics of Happiness from Bloomsbury, a Lecturer in Sociology and Social Policy at Swansea University, and a reader for Zero Books. She recently debated Zero Books author Mark Fisher on the subject of the importance of personal psychology to left organizing and spoke about the immigration crisis at the Battle of Ideas. Topics covered in our conversation include the pessimism of the left, revitalizing the Enlightenment, and left-wing attitudes towards Islam.

The back of the jacket copy from her first book includes the following paragraph:

Emerging from the analysis is the observation that, while apparently positive and light-hearted, the concern with happiness implicitly affirms a ‘vulnerability’ model of human functioning, encourages a morality of low expectations, and in spite of the radical language used to describe it, is ultimately conservative and ideally suited to an era of ‘no alternative’ (to capitalism).

In this episode you’ll hear a collage of pop music from 1970-2010 that took me three hours to assemble to what I must admit might be a less than fully realized result, the Tinkler’s “The Future is Not as Good as it Used to Be,” Charles Manson’s advice on how to get out a tough stain, Dan Lett’s “Gravy,” and a bunch of other noise and clips.

10 Aug 2015, 8:23pm
zero books

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