28 Jul 2012, 10:15pm
Diet Soap Update

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Diet Soap Podcast #153: The Dream of Enlightenment

The guest this week is the author and mystic Jason Horsley. Jason Horsley is probably most well known for his podcast Stormy Weather a show that focused on the subjects of “paranoid awareness” the concept of a second Matrix, and a striving after enlightenment . Jason released “Stormy Weather” under the pseudonym Aeolus Kephas. Now, according to wikipedia Aeolus is a name shared by three characters from Greek mythology. An Aeolus was the son of Poseidon (the god of the sea), the son of Hellen who himself was the son of Zeus and as such the progenitor of the Hellenic or Greek people, and also the son of King Hippotes. This Aeolus was known as the keeper of the winds and he gives Odysseus a bag of wind so the King could be sure to get back to Ithaca on a gentle West Wind. In contrast, on Horsley’s podcast Stormy Weather the winds were stronger and there was a sense that the listener might never get home again.

Jason Horsley is the son of Northern Food’s chairman Nicholas Horsley and the brother of the late Sebastian Horsley, an artist and writer whose most well known for having staged his own crucifixion in the year 2000, but unlike his brother, Horsley disinherited his family’s fortune in 1991 and traveled to Morocco where he roamed the streets and scrounged. Aiming at becoming a late 20th century Buddha, Horsley followed the prescription or recipe for sainthood available to him at the time. He imbedded in psychedelic drugs, participated in shamanic rituals of various sorts, and wrote about the cinema. His first book, the Blood Poets, was published in 1999. Since then he’s written, various books including a book written under the pseudonym Aeolus Kephas entitled the Lucid View.

Since Horsley’s first visit to the Diet Soap podcast he and I have been opposed allies. That is, whether we’re discussing Osho Rajneesh, the movie Close Encounters, William Blake, or debating epistemology we managed to find common ground to squabble over. This week we discuss his dream of enlightenment and what it might take for him to get there.

I want to thank everyone who is a regular subscriber and participant in the Philosophy Workshop. And I want to especially thank Mark M who emailed to let me know he’s going to send me a gift. Some paperback science fiction novels including one by the great New Wave author John Sladeck. If you’d like to donate or subscribe to the podcast and Philosophy workshop the buttons are at dietsoap.podomatic.com and at douglaslain.com. Donors of $6 or more in the US or $15 internationally will receive a copy of my book “Pick Your Battle.” Also, if you’d rather not receive a copy of “Pick Your Battle” you can get on the list for a copy of “The Doom that Came to LOLcats” which is a novella due out from Eraserhead press later this year.

I should tell you all to follow me on twitter and friend me on Facebook. Also you can send me email through my webpage. That’s douglaslain.com. I’ve got some big news this week. It looks like the Diet Soap podcast will start being listed on the Right Where You Are Sitting Now online magazine. RWYASN explores the weirder side of the world. Ken Eakins and Kim Monaghan are the editors and the other podcasts listed include the Coincidence Control Network, Behind Closed Doors, and Sitting Now Radio. I’m very pleased to be included on this website.

The music at the beginning is Daft Punk’s Around the World and Duke Ellington’s Stormy Weather.

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