Diet Soap Podcast #168: McKenna and the Eschaton that Wasn’t

The guest this week is the podcaster KMO. KMO’s C-Realm podcast largely inspired this one and I was glad to have him on to discuss the late great Terence McKenna and to sort out with KMO just how we might view Terence now that his 2012 prediction has come to what seems like nothing.

This week’s Talkshoe after party will occur on Sunday the 13th at noon PST or 3pm EST and I encourage everyone who is listening to participate in that conversation. We’ll see how well we can cover McKenna’s Eschaton and Marx’s theory of class together as take a look back at the last two episodes. I also want to encourage everyone who likes the podcast and who can afford to to donate or become a monthly subscriber to the podcast to do go ahead and make the plunge. I’ll be reinstating the Podomatic page soon, so donations now would help speed the reappearance of the Podomatic page along.

This week’s podcast features many clips of Terence McKenna’s lectures. His voice is peppered throughout and while McKenna’s reputation may be experiencing a downturn these days I think what shines through is just how open he was to thought, and how his particular mashups of philosophy, science, science fiction, and psychedelic tales worked aesthetically.


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