23 Jan 2014, 6:39pm
Diet Soap Update


Diet Soap Podcast #203: That Bill Murray Moment


The guest this week is David Blacker whose book The Falling Rate of Learning is currently out from Zero books. Blacker is a philosophy professor at the University of Delaware and this is part two of a two part conversation. This half is less focussed and more speculative. You’ll hear me trying to articulate my own peculiar understanding of Zizek and Marx, or what C Derick Varn would call my Marxist Gnosticism. Bill Murray is mentioned.

I want to thank Brad P for his very generous one time donation as well as thank Ted F for being a subscriber to the podcast. If you’d like to donate you can find the Paypal buttons at dietsoap.podomatic.com. You can also follow me on Facebook or Twitter. Or you can send me an email through my website, that’s douglaslain.com

In this episode you’ll hear a rerun of an essay/collage I originally wrote for Thought Catalog and included in episode one hundred and four (which also included an interview with the mystic and theatre director Antero Ali). The essay/collage is called The Symbiopsychotaxiplasm of Adam Sandler’s Click. You’ll also hear an excerpt from episode eight of Robert Hughes “The Shock of the New,” and a minute or so from the movie Ghostbusters.

Right now you’re listening to the band The Bill Murray Experience performing “Heebie Jeebies.” But in just a moment you’ll be listening to David Blacker and I discuss “That Bill Murray Moment.”

Great episode, I like your collage techniques. Will donate to the show once my Informal Economy paycheck arrives.

I can’t believe that after painting such a welcome (because of its grip on reality) bleak picture of human potential/machinations (and mocking you earlier for raising a sort of aha/consciousness-raising moment/event) that DB threw in the old heightened awareness of mortality canard (and isn’t that classic St.Paul by the way?)at the end.
Someday philosophers may have to consciously contend with our all-too-human:
otherwise usual great mash-up show.


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