7 Mar 2014, 3:32am
Diet Soap Update


Diet Soap Podcast #206: How to Occupy Time

The guest this week is Dr. Jason Adams. Jason Adams is Co-Founder and Co-Director of the Global Center for Advanced Studies and the author of the book Occupy Time: Technoculture, Immediacy, and Resistance after Occupy Wall Street, a book that came out from Palgrave late last year. Jason and I discussed the difference between what is happening now and what is instantaneous or immediate, we talked about resistance as opposed to revolution and, at my insistence, we talked about time travel.

I want to thank Andy Marshall, Jacob L, John L, Ted F and John Spillane for donating as regular subscribers. John Spillane just signed up as a subscriber or recurring donor and Andy Marshall donated both as a subscriber and with a one time generous donation. And if you’re listening and haven’t given to the podcast before but like what you hear and would like to donate you can find the paypal buttons and dietsoap.podomatic.com. Also, as Andy will tell you, the continuing Hegel workshops are doing just that, continuing, and becoming a regular or recurring donor is the best way to get an invite to join in. In fact, I need to make sure John Spillane is invited aboard.

Speaking of reading I recently finished a new short story and I thought I’d share it with the first five or so people who ask for a copy either through Facebook or by email.

The music you’re listening to right now is the Pennsylvania Polka from the movie Groundhog’s Day. The comic actor and film director Harold Ramis died a few days back and this week’s podcast is dedicated to him and his masterpiece. Groundhog’s Day, as a movie about Repetition and Difference, would be a great movie to watch as a follow up for this episode I think. So you might check to see if it’s streaming on Netflix or somewhere, but right now get ready to listening to Jason Adams and I discuss How to Occupy Time.


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