19 Apr 2014, 7:25am
Diet Soap Update


Diet Soap Podcast #209: Are Corporations Really Hogging Workers’ Wages?

The guest this week is Andrew Kliman. Kliman is the author of The Failure of Capitalist Production and a regular guest on the Diet Soap podcast. This is a conversation about Kliman’s recent essay for Truthdig! Are Corporations Really Hogging Workers’ Wages?

Andrew’s answer is no. He says in the essay:
Careful analysis shows that before the recession, average hourly compensation of employees at large did keep pace with productivity—unless “compensation” and “productivity” are measured in a highly misleading way.

Also on this podcast I announce the coming of a new podcast. I will be co-hosting a biweekly podcast for Zero Books starting in late May. David Blacker is the other host and we’ve decided on a direct and simple title: The Zero Books Hour. The podcast will be an interview show featuring authors from Zero Books as well as other cultural studies and critical theory presses. The aim will be to corrupt both the young and the old. Look for it and listen.

dl, you should do a show with mark on his new venture:
be interesting to have yer communist take on the venture.


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