Diet Soap Podcast #212: The Imperial Risk

Margaret Kimberley discusses imperialism on this week’s episode. A regular columnist for the Black Agenda Report, Margaret Kimberley is also a regular guest on the podcast, and we discuss Imperialism, the Ukraine, and the game of Risk that is Capitalism.

It’s Friday, June 6th, 2014, and I’m Douglas Lain the host of this podcast.

I want to thank my regular donors. This week Andy Marshall, Jacob L, John Spillane, Ted F, and John L paid for the hosting of Diet Soap on podomatic and In addition I want to thank Felix B for his one time donation. Thanks, Felix!

Those regular listeners who have yet to donate to Diet Soap, this summer would be a good time. My hours have been cut at the Symphony because this our slow season, so any extra donations would be much appreciated. This reduction in my work hours also means I’ll have more time to dedicate to this podcast as well as to the new Double Feature Review podcast and to Zero Time, a podcast that I’m putting together for Zero Books. If you like the sound of my voice for some strange reason you’ll have three places to hear it.

Again I want to thank Margaret Kimberley for coming on the show again. While it’s true that even after this episode I am still wrestling with the idea of Imperialism (I don’t know how well what I think of as Imperialism fits with my wannabe Marxism and my dogged focus on exploitation, the means of production, Value, and all the rest) talking to Kimberley is always a joy.


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