Diet Soap Podcast #215: Columbo and Confession

Peter Falk’s Columbo is the subject this week and Steven A. Michalkow returns. Steven is an editor at Former People and a podcaster in his own right as the Former People film podcast continues.

On the subject of Columbo and psychoanalysis Slavoj Zizek wrote: In the TV-series Columbo, the crime (the act of murder) is shown in detail in advance, so that the enigma to be resolved is not that of “whodunit?”, but of how the detective will establish the link between the deceitful surface (the “manifest content” of the crime scene) and the truth about the crime (its “latent thought”), how he will prove to the culprit his or her guilt. The success of Columbo thus attests to the fact that the true source of interest in the detective’s work, is the process of deciphering itself, not its result (the triumphant final revelation “And the murderer is…” is completely lacking here, since we know this from the very outset).

It’s Saturday, July 12th, 2014, and I’m Douglas Lain the host of this podcast.

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