Diet Soap Podcast #216: Capitalism, Neoliberalism, and Class War

Andrew Kliman is the guest this week as we discuss back and forth exchange of essays written by Andrew Kliman and Sam Gindin for Jacobin and The New Left Project and I give Kliman a chance to refute the prevailing mythology of wage suppression under neoliberalism once again. More importantly we discuss the need for metanarratives, the failure of leftist ambition, and what we mean when we say the words “class” and “war.” Andrew Kliman is the author of “The Failure of Capitalist Production.”

You’ll notice that about a quarter of the way into the interview the sound quality for Andrew’s side of the conversation declines. Unfortunately what happened was that his Skype connection started to break up and so we had to continue on his landline.

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The music in this episode includes Boris Tihomirov’s Electronic Alarm-Clock and Delia Derbyshire’s Love Without Sound.


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