28 Nov 2012, 3:09pm
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Diet Soap Podcast Rerun: Occupy Wallstreet

The guest this week is the Journalist Margaret Kimberley. Ms. Kimberley writes a weekly column for the Black Agenda Report called Freedom Rider and she is a regular guest on this podcast as well. Whenever something major happens in the world of late capitalist politics, whether it’s something depressing like putting Social Security on the chopping block as President Barack Obama did during the debt ceiling crisis over the summer or something hopeful like the Occupy Wall Street movement I will usually ask Ms. Kimberley to comment, and I was pleased she was willing to speak with me on Friday, and not too surprised that we both agreed that Occupy Wall Street, even with its limitations, is a movement that points the way for the rest of us.

I want to thank Bruce P and Peter L who donated last week to the podcast. I’m announcing their names twice because I’ve gotten behind on shipping out my book Pick Your Battle and I want to let you know that those books will be on their way to you this week. I also want to thank everyone who is following me on twitter and on Facebook, or through the Diet Soap community page on Facebook, and let you know that I really would like to hear from you if you have any questions about what goes on here on the podcast. Also, I should point out that if you’d like to get a signed copy of Pick Your Battle I believe this is the last week. My plan is to take most of the remaining copies to OccupyPortland and leave the box of books in the library tent there.

However, have no fear, my newest book entitled “Wave of Mutilation” is both available in audio form at the end of the podcast and in dead tree version through Amazon, and I will make signed copies available to people who contribute to the podcast sometime next month.

As you can tell I’m pretty enamored with the political moment and with Occupy Wall Street, and I’ve planned to get in touch with some people who are involved with the movement directly, but I should also point out that interviews with Daniel Coffeen, Jon Armstrong, Jason Horsley, Ted Friedman, and Jon Meade are in the can as they say, so I’m going to try to sprinkle those literary and philosophical conversations in alongside future podcasts about this movement, and we’ll just have to see how long it takes me before I’ve cleaned out the archived material I have now.

The sound clips in this episode include a short excerpt from my visit to the Occupy Portland campground, a group called the Wrong Trousers performing a song entitled “I’ve Dreamt the Future,” the Twin Cities Labor Chorus singing Solidarity Forever, and an excerpt from the dirty part of my newly released novella “Wave of Mutilation.”

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