Double Feature Funpack #3: Deep Philosophical Movies

The Double Feature Funpack finally returns. Jim Farris is forced to consider philosophical movies but refuses to discuss the greats of the genre. Douglas Lain is forced to listen to Jim blather on as we turn to the internet, specifically to the website Taste in Cinema, to provide us with a list of the 18 Best Philosophical Movies.The movies considered include Hitchcock’s Rope, Linklater’s Waking Life, Christopher Nolan’s Memento, and many others.
Also included in this podcast are clips from the Drop Dead Fred, Heaven can Wait, and Mister Belvedere.
Matthew Sweet on Jaws and the film-maker’s role in creating the myth of a man-eating machine. Good or bad for the shark? Gareth Fraser, Ian Hunter, Will Self and Fiona Tan discuss.

Aren’t we due for another Double Feature
“podcast” here soon? Like tomorrow?


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