Inside Zero Books #8: Culture and Capitalism

This episode of the Inside Zero Books podcast is being made available to all listeners to the Zero Books feed in order to tempt you into joining the Zero Books Club. It features a conversation between Douglas Lain (the publisher of Zero Books) and his eldest son Benjamin on the topic of Benjamin’s class “Culture, Capitalism, and Globalization.” This is the second conversation on the topic of this class and this time the thinker Karl Polanyi is discussed.

It’s Friday, the 21st of October, and I’m Douglas Lain the publisher of Zero Books.

Joining the Zero Books Club gives you access to this new Inside Zero Books Podcast which is our second Zero Books weekly podcast. The Inside Zero Books Podcast features conversations about the left and left publishing, usually with members of the Zero Books editorial team: Ashley Frawley, Douglas Lain, C Derick Varn, and Alfie Bown. A second Inside Zero Books podcast will be released this weekend, this time a conversation with Alfie Bown.

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