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In Your Library?

How does one request that his or her local library purchase a copy of one or both of Douglas Lain’s books?

Here is the information that you’ll need about my books:

Title: Pick Your Battle
Author: Douglas Lain
Publisher: Douglas Lain
Publication Date: May 21, 2011
ISBN: 9780615487335
Format: Book

Title: Fall Into Time
Author: Douglas Lain
Publisher: Eraserhead Press
Publication Date: May 7th, 2011
ISBN: 978-1936383597
Format: Book

Here is a list of libraries in the US including info on how to recommend a book for purchase.

Seattle, WA: How to suggest that the Library buy an item it doesn’t have.
Portland, OR: Multnomah County Library purchases titles of interest to its patrons.
Sacramento, CA: Nina Biddle, Library Materials Manager (collectiondev@saclibrary.org)
Oakland, CA: To suggest a purchase, send an e-mail message to the Collection Management Librarian at rparks@oaklandlibrary.org
San Francisco, CA: “If the Library does not have a title you think we should have, we would appreciate your suggestion.”
Berkeley, CA: Their Suggest A Purchase Page.
Los Angeles, CA: Their suggestion form is here.
San Diego, CA: The San Diego Public Library strives to make our collection as responsive as possible. Recommend a Title
Boise, ID: A suggestion form in my own Private Idaho.
Carson City, UT: Suggestions are welcome? Email: sfjones@clan.lib.nv.us to find out.
Phoeniz, AZ: A suggestion form.
Billings, MT: Suggest a title page.
Helena, MT: Contact page for Lewis and Clark Library.
Casper, WY: Suggest a title to the Natrona County Public Library
Cheyenne, WY: Make a purchase suggestion to the library.
Denver, CO: Denver public library suggest a title.
Colorado Springs, CO: Pikes Peak Library contact page.
Boulder, CO: Boulder Colorado library contact information.
Santa Fe, NM: Suggest a title to the Bernalillo County Library.
Austin, TX: Austin Public Library ask a librarian page.
Fargo, ND: City of Fargo library contact page.
Pierre,SD: Rawlins County library contact page.
Lincoln, NE:Lincoln Nebraska library suggest a title webpage.
Topeka, KS: Topeka library contact page.
St. Paul, MN: St. Paul Public Library suggest a title page.
Des Moines, IA: Des Moines Public Library contact page.
Jefferson, MO: Missouri River Regional Library suggest a title page.

My utopia is nothing but one long tail, one big midlist. My utopia is a library.