Zero Squared #115: The Evergreen Struggle Sessions

This week’s episode of the Zero Books podcast features a conversation with Professor Pete Bohmer from Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. Evergreen has been in the news lately as students have protested professor Brett Weinstein over an email he sent to a private faculty list. In the email Weinstein objected to the students reversing what is traditionally called a Day of Absence wherein people of color leave campus voluntarily to demonstrate their importance to campus life. This year a call went out asking white people to leave. Brett Weinstein felt that this call abandoned a core principle of racial equality, namely that people should not be barred from participation in campus life based on the color of their skin. During the interview Peter Bohmer tries to reframe this, suggesting that only a small group of white students were asked to leave campus in order to participate in seminars, about 200 students,however it is my understanding as of this recording that all white students and faculty were asked to voluntarily leave and that some 200 students had the additional opportunity to participate in consciousness raising seminars off campus.

In any case, Weinstein has been called out as a racist for his email and campus protests around his email and other, sometimes more substantial, issues and demands have been made even as the students have damaged their reputation and the reputation of the college nationally. Videos of the protests have gone viral online and the college has become not only an embarrassment for the left but a target for the alt-right.

I want to thank Peter Bohmer for being a guest. At the end we discuss the possibility of an open debate on racism and free speech being held at Evergreen. I surely hope this happens and would recommend people who would like to see this email President George Sumner Bridges of Evergreen, to urge him to organize such an event.

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Zero Squared #114: Comey’s Dismissal and Trump’s Incompetence

Margaret Kimberley discusses the dismissal of Comey, the character of Trump, and how the left needs to break with the DNC. A regular columnist for the Black Agenda Report, Margaret Kimberley is also a regular guest on the podcast.

It’s Wednesday, June 14th, 2016 and I’m Douglas Lain the publisher of Zero Books and the host of this podcast.

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Zero Books Posadist Special

This week’s Zero Books podcast features a conversation with Comrade Communicator from the Intergalactic Worker’s League.

Posadism is an ideology or movement born out of the Fourth International and headed by a certain J. Posadas, who, (per wikipedia) tried to create a synthesis of Trotskyism and Ufology. Posadas’ most prominent thesis from this perspective was Flying saucers, the process of matter and energy, science, the revolutionary and working-class struggle and the socialist future of mankind (1968). Posadists believed that extra-terrestrials visiting earth in flying saucers must come from a socially and scientifically advanced civilisation to master inter-planetary travel and that the working-class should welcome the alien invaders as their liberators.

The interview took place at the Left Forum where we also launched Angela Nagle’s book “Kill All Normies.”

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Zero Squared #112: Reframing Trump

Chris Cutrone is founder and President of the Platypus Affiliated Society. He is also the author of the rather infamous essay “Why Not Trump?” and he recently led a panel discussion entitled “The Crisis of Neoliberalism” as part of the Platypus Affiliated Society’s third European Conference and will be leading a panel discussion at the Left Forum entitled Marx in the Age of Trump. And today he is the guest on this week’s Zero Books podcast.

If you’re in NYC you should turn up for the Left Forum. Zero Books will be hosting two panels. The first will be for the upcoming book by Michael Roberts entitled “World in Crisis” and the panel is titled Capitalism Gets Knocked Down (but then gets up again). This panel will present information about the long economic crisis and ask what political lessons can be drawn from the evidence that capitalism is inherently prone to crisis? The panel is scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd, from 12:00pm-1:50pm.

The second Panel is entitled Kill All Normies and will feature a discussion on the rise of the racist and proto-fascist right led by Angela Nagle. This panel is scheduled for Sunday, June 4th, from 3:40pm – 5:40pm.

The Left Forum will be held at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at 524 W 59th St in New York City but if you miss it don’t worry, our panels will be featured as audio podcasts in upcoming episodes.

If you’re a Zero Books club member, however, you should know that the Inside Zero Books podcast will be delayed, possibly for a full week.