Pop the Left #5: More Thoughts on Zerzan

John Zerzan is an American anarchist and primitivist philosopher and author. He is a critic of civilization and especially agriculture and he wants to return to a more primitive collective life. He advocates the nomadic life of prehistoric hunters and gatherers as a potential future.

Zerzan was the guest on Pop the Left #4 where we discussed the idea of reification and took a close look at Zerzan’s own notion of nature. This month on Pop the Left C Derick Varn and I speak briefly about the Zerzan interview.

Clips from an interview with Steven Vogel on the radio program Against the Grain, of George Bush singing an REM song, and from Monty Python’s Life of Brian can be heard in this one, and Varn and I discuss potential future guests.

Nicholas Pell is again absent, but plans to return for a future episode wherein we’ll discuss historical materialism.

You can now leave a voicemail message for Pop the Left and participate in the show. Just head to speakpipe.com/poptheleft and leave us a message.


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