24 Mar 2015, 4:23pm
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In the Shadow of the Towers Table of Contents (could still be revised a bit)

In the Shadow of the Towers: Speculative Fiction in the Post 9/11 World
set to be published in Sept, 2015
Night Shade Books/Skyhorse books

Section One: The Dead
There’s a Hole in the City – Richard Bowes
My Eyes Your, Your Ears – Ray Vukcevich
Beyond the Flags – Kris Saknussemm
Beautiful Stuff – Susan Palwick

Section Two: Reaction and Repetition
Excerpt from Zenith Angle – Bruce Sterling
Our Lady of Toledo Transmission – Rob McCleary
Three Resurrections of Jessica Churchill – Kelly Robson
Retribution – Tim Marquitz
Until Forgiveness Comes – K Tempest Bradford
Pipeline – Brian Aldiss

Section Three: The New Normal
Excerpt from Little Brother – Cory Doctorow
Unexpected Outcomes – Tim Pratt
Out of My Sight, Out of My Mind – David Friedman
Closing Time – Jack Ketchum

Section Four: Civilization?
The Last Apollo Mission – Douglas Lain
Giliad – Gregory Feeley
Apologue – James Morrow

24 Mar 2015, 5:14pm
by Susan Palwick


Still exceedingly happy to be in this book, Doug, but please note that my name’s Susan, not Suzy (perhaps you were confusing me with Charnas)?


24 Mar 2015, 5:56pm
by douglaslain


Sorry about that. Don’t know how that happened. Fixing now.

Doug – Sorry I didn’t notice this sooner. Everyone on earth calls me Rick but the byline is “Richard Bowes”. Could that be changed on the TOC etc.?

May I suggest one more title which would fit great into a great ToC? Lucius Shepard’s Only Partly Here would be a great addition to the first section.

25 Mar 2015, 5:43pm
by Susan Palwick


Ack! Doug, sorry to be a pest, but the title of the story is “Beautiful Stuff,” not “Beautiful Things.” Thanks!

25 Mar 2015, 8:11pm
by douglaslain


Horia: Lucius Shepard’s story was unavailable as the rights to his estate aren’t yet settled.
Susan: I do have the right title in the anthology, somehow I just screwed up every way I could typing the TOC into my blog.
Rick: I’ve changed your name to Wilma…I mean to Richard.

too bad. love that story. nevertheless, great line-up, congrats!

[…] “Our Lady of Toledo Transmission” will be appearing in the upcoming anthology “In the Shadow of the Towers“, edited by Douglas […]

11 Sep 2015, 7:51pm
by Bruce Chrumka


Great lineup, congratulations. I’m with Horia, a shame about Lucius’s story being unavailable. Perhaps a subsequent printing.


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