Soap Zero #1: Film Stills and Unreality

Zero Books will be the focus of this new new line of Diet Soap specials. Which means this is episode 218 for Diet Soap but it is also episode one of Soap Zero, a podcast dedicated books published by Zero Books. The guest this week is Nicholas Rombes and we discuss his book 10/40/70. The premise of the book is that one can learn about a film by analyzing stills from it,specifically stills lifted from the ten, forty, and seventy minute mark. We take a close look at the Cronenberg’s 1999 film eXistenZ.

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Music and sound clips on this episode include Otto Luening’s “Low Speed” circa 1952, Delia Derbyshire’s “Love Without Sound,” clips from eXistenZ, and a lecture about Deleuze’s Film Theory set to the song Skokiaan as played in the film Slacker.

kristeva (as a freudian) certainly has some aspect of the rich/interpenetrated background (in a sort of heidegger way) at work in her writing but also a future oriented sense of multiple resonances/possibilities (see bakhtin/heteroglossia), check out:

liberation from the image is Protestant/puritanical, Kristeva is decidedly not of this orientation.


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