Soap Zero 2: Enlightenment Interrupted

German Idealism and the Enlightenment are the subjects this week as Michael Steinberg discuss his book “Enlightenment Interrupted.” Steinberg is an independent scholar and practicing attorney with a PhD in intellectual history from the University of Rochester. His book “Enlightenment Interrupted (The Lost Moment of German Idealism and the Reactionary Present)” came out from Zero Books in July of this year.

Previous books from Mr. Steinberg include The Fiction of a Thinkable World and A New Biology of Religion.

Professor Andrew Nash at the University of Cape Town praised the book. He wrote, “Michael Steinberg’s “Enlightenment Interrupted” is a master class and a rollercoaster ride, all at once. The pitfalls of abstract individualism have been pointed out since Hegel, and explaining them has been central to radical political thought for fifty years by now. But it’s never been easy to grasp concretely how that separation of self and world came about, and what the alternative to it could have been.”

this same old wake up and see the truth consciousness-raising mentality doesn’t take into account how powerless the individual actually is, so I see that to talk about The Market is a kind of speech-act of mistaken concreteness (reification) what exactly am I than empowered to do in my daily life/interactions? Jodi Dean is right that such powerful assemblages take a Party to counter but hasn’t really explained how we are supposed to organize and sustain such a collective effort in the face of our many differing and often conflicting interests.


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