21 Jul 2017, 1:53am
Zero Squared


Symptomatic Redness: Symbolic Kinship (pt. 2)

The Symptomatic Redness podcast presents conversations on political economy and history. Hosted by C. Derick Varn and Amogh Sahu, the program was an independent project for several years but is now hosted by Zero Books on the Zero Squared podcast feed. This podcast of Symptomatic Redness hosted by Zero Books is a continuation of a conversation between Amogh Sahu and C. Derick Varn on the history and prehistory of human societies.

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How is it in 2017, 2.5 years after they started this podcast with audio problems, that it still is all messed up like this? Am interested in this, but it sounds like they’re talking through a play telephone with cups & strings attached to each of my ears.

21 Jul 2017, 8:05pm
by douglaslain


I’ve fixed the audio and reuploaded. Let me know how it sounds now?

Yep sounds good, thanks


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