Diet Soap Podcast #170: Money without Value?

The guest this week is the podcaster Tom O’Brien. O’Brien grew up in Athboy, Ireland and is now living in London and his From Alpha to Omega podcast was apparently partially inspired by this one. Being a regular listener to his show I’m glad to have had some claim to it. Tom O’Brien and I discuss Kliman’s value theory and the monetary theory of Mathew Forstater.

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In this episode O’Brien and I focus on a fairly narrow point about value and money, but I believe it is a question that has fairly far reaching implications. If one believes, as Forstater does, that the current economic crisis could be mitigated or even solved if we were to allow ourselves to live with ballooning deficits then a political project to unshackled the wallet of Washington, one demanding more social spending and job creation, would be adequate. If, on the other hand, you believe that the realm of production has to be changed if we’re to avoid recessions and depressions and that there are limits on what government intervention can accomplish then something more radical, even unthinkable, is required.

The music you’re listening to right now is a George Antheil’s Jazz Symphony, but in just a moment you’ll be listening to Tom O’Brien and I discuss money and value.


Diet Soap Podcast #162: Election Day Blues and a Blue Sky

The guest this week’s guest is Dennis Perrin and we discuss today’s presidential election and the meaninglessness of electoral politics. Perrin is a stand up comic, a political blogger, and the author of Mister Mike: the Man Who Made Comedy Dangerous.

I originally intended to mash-up this interview with conversations I had with the freelance writer Nicholas Pell and the university lecturer C Derick Varn, however given time constraints I’ve decided to release each conversation separately over the next few days. So today as Americans rush to the polls you’ll get to hear Dennis Perrin explain how and why Presidential politics depresses him. The tomorrow Nicholas Pell and I discuss whether why it is that we all feel hopeless and why electoral politics only makes the feeling worse. And then, on day three, while our disappointment over the results of election (whatever they may be) set in, Derick Varn and I will discuss the big picture. Just why are our politics failing us?

It now Tuesday, November 6th, 2012 and you can’t forget the vote no matter how hard you try.

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