Bash Bash Revolution gets Starred Review

Becky Spratford is a book critic and she recently posted her review of Bash Bash Revolution for Booklist along with some additional comments on her blog.

Not only will you think twice before opening a game app on your phone after completing Lain’s novel, but you may also start wondering if we are already living as pawns to a superintelligent machine. This is not a cartoonish sketch, it is a realistic and bleak look at the post-singularity world. An easy suggestion for fans of current, accessible science fiction that thoughtfully contemplates AI such as Ready Player One or Sea of Rust, but it is also a great choice for those who enjoy John Scalzi’s narrative style.

Read the whole blog entry from Becky Spratford on her blog.

Diet Soap Special: Bluestockings Event

The Think the Impossible tour was a great success. I met up with many incredible people including Kevin Dole, Brad Potts, Andy Marshall, and Eilidh Bradley. Also, Mary Anne Mohanraj, Charley Earp, Terry Bisson, Daniel Coffeen, Margaret Kimberley, McKenzie Wark and Andrew Kliman all participated in the actual readings/events.

This week rather than a regular episode of Diet Soap you’ll be hearing the audio from the Bluestockings event on Sunday, September 15th. Here’s a description of that event as it was listed on the Bluestockings website:

Presentation: “Think the Impossible: Christopher Robin and May 1968″
With Douglas Lain, Mckenzie Wark, Margaret Kimberley, & Andrew Kilman

Author and podcaster Douglas Lain will interview McKenzie Wark (author of the Hacker Manifesto) about the significance of May 1968 after Occupy, the economist Andrew Kliman about Capitalism and tendency for social movements to disappear, and Margaret Kimberley from the Black Agenda Report about the Spectacle and the Surveillance state. Lain will also explain why he wrote a novel about the real Christopher Robin’s (who inspired the Pooh stories) entirely fictional involvement with May 1968. McKenzie Wark is a professor of Media Studies at the New School for Social Research, and the author of books such as A Hacker Manifesto, and most recently, the Spectacle of Disintegration. Margaret Kimberley is a radical journalist whose Freedom Rider column appears weekly in the Black Agenda Report. A black left critic of the Obama administration, Kimberley is a regular guest on the Diet Soap podcast. Andrew Kliman is a professor of economics at Pace University and the author of “Reclaiming ‘Marx’s’ Capital” and “The Failure of Capitalist Production.” Douglas Lain is the host of Diet Soap, a weekly philosophy and politics podcast.