Zero Squared #150: Teen Sex, Poetry, and Endless War

C. Derick Varn is an emerging poet, professional teacher, and arm-chair theorist. He is a member of the Zero Books team. He is also the guest this week as we discuss late 90s ‘zine culture, historical developments in teen sexuality, how it is that talking about the war on terror produces “evergreen” content, and his new book of poetry entitled “Apocalyptics.”

Dylan Krieger, author of “Giving Godhead, blurbed Varn’s poetry book this way:

Apocalyptics shies from neither grandiosity nor grotesquery, neither high nor low society, for isn’t it precisely the blood—some stranger’s bodily fluid—that is to save? From “dumpster diving,” ghosts take flight. From “rancid butter,” a flock of magpies.

Turning to Zero Books I should point out that Matthew McKeever’s thought experiment novella entitled Coming From Nothing is available for pre-order from Zero Books. Coming From Nothing is a tragi-comic love story concerned with notions of identity, such as Judith Butler’s idea that sexual identity isn’t determined by the body, and John Locke’s that personal identity is a question of memory.

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Pop the Left #3: The Conspiracy Conspiracy

C Derick Varn and Douglas Lain return for the third episode of Pop the Left, a podcast dedicated to moving beyond the impasse in Left politics. This week we take a look at conspiracy theories, the psychology behind them, and the Left’s inability to cope with the prevalence of this approach to politics. Does the bourgeois left benefit from conspiracy thinking? Can we get beyond our own tendency to blame conspiracies for our ideological and political failures? Was 9/11 an inside Job? Did we ever land on the moon? What about entryism?

Three years out of the Zero years and the attendant Bush administration, are we finally ready to face up to the how the Left turned over radical politics to the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke?

Next time on Pop the Left Nicholas Pell will return. Possible subjects to mull over: What is Historical Materialism? What should we make of the Arab Spring? Marxist Humanism and the Self Thinking Idea.

Do you have a suggestion or topic you’d like to hear us discuss? Leave a comment. Special thanks to the North Star blog for helping to promote Popping the Left. pop2