Diet Soap Podcast #199: A Situationist Ideology?

C Derick Varn returns this week and we discuss the Situationist International or the SI. What you’ll hear is not a theoretical explanation of the SI nor less an introduction to the history of the SI, but rather some personal reflections on how we first encountered the SI and what the SI has come to be within the Spectacle. To misquote Guy Debord:

In societies where modern conditions of production prevail, all of life presents itself as an immense accumulation of spectacles. And everything, even revolutionary theories, is reduced to fodder for snarky Facebook posts and monotonous podcasts where two guys drone on with their half baked impressions.

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At the end of this episode you’ll find a ten minute excerpt from what was a 40 minute reading of my short story “The Dead Celebrity” from my short story collection Last Week’s Apocalypse. Nicholas Techosky is the narraotr.

You can find the rest of this story and nine more hours from that collection on audible, and I hope to get Nicholas on the podcast soon to talk about acting and voice acting.dietsoap199

Diet Soap Podcast #164: Life as a One Way Time Machine

The guest this week is the philosopher and blogger Daniel Coffeen. Daniel Coffeen is a regular guest to Diet Soap and this week we discuss temporality and being, or to put that in everyday language, we discuss what it feels like to be middle aged in 2012.

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Last week I promised to put up some old episodes of Diet Soap onto the new feed at the request of a listener in China and then failed to do so. I’m reminded to do that now, so keep your ear out for these reruns with Margaret Kimberley, Dennis Perrin, and Jodi Dean as they discuss the Occupy Wallstreet movement as they saw it about a year ago.

Before I start the interview this week I think I’ll read a few lines from Mr. Coffeen’s blog entry to put us in the mood.

We are temporal creatures. And life, well, life is temporal: it just keeps happening. That seems silly when I write it as it seems so obvious. And yet so much of how we think about things excludes time, excludes change. We think about change as something that happens after the fact rather than change being the fact.

We are always and already changing, transforming, evolving at every moment in multiple ways — our bodies, of course, as blood and oxygen and shit pass through our veins and intestines and noses and lungs and skin is sloughed, continuously; and the rest of us, too, as moods and desires shift relentlessly.

The music you’re listening to right now is Manipulated Living from the motion picture Donnie Darko, but in just a moment you’ll be listening to Daniel Coffeen and I discuss Life As a One Way Time Machine.