Diet Soap Podcast #167: Is Class Invisible?

The guest this week is the pianist, marxist, and youtube star Brendan Cooney. Cooney is a regular guest to Diet Soap and this week we discuss the idea of class as compared to other concepts like race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, and so on…

Due to the delay in getting this podcast online the follow-up conversation about this week’s podcast will be delayed until the 13th. Here’s a link to the Talkshoe page. I encourage everyone who is listening to participate and to donate or become a subscriber to the podcast. It’s a new year and I hope to be revamping and revitalizing the podcast this month, reinstating the Podomatic page and perhaps even starting a biweekly podcast for subscriber/members. We’ll see about that one.

This week’s conversation with Brendan Cooney includes clips from his youtube video Manufacturing Consent, a minimalist sound poem created out of a clip from the movie Office Space and Steve Reich’s music for 18 musicians, and a reading from a blog entry I wrote for on the subject of class and video games.

The music you’re listening to right now is a Tuvan version of the Internationale, and in just a moment you’ll be listening to Brendan Cooney and I discuss Why the Class Structure is Invisible.