Diet Soap Podcast #179: The Necessity of Trauma

The guest this week is Jason Horsley and we start to discuss his most current project called “Crucial Fictions” and specifically a chapter of his book “The Prisoner of Infinity” wherein he examines Whitely Strieber’s reported experiences as it relates to Horsley’s own conceptions of trauma, but we quickly diverge from his text as we spiral around the central concept of trauma itself. Jason Horsley is the author of many books including Matrix Warrior: Being the One and The Secret Life of Movies, and he is a regular guest on the Diet Soap podcast. If you visit his website you’ll be able to listen to the raw recording of this conversation in its entirety.

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There are many sound clips in this episode. You’ll hear from Alenka Zupancic, Slavoj Zizek, Ryan Gosling in the movie Half Nelson, Sebastian Horsley discussing his propensity to cause himself trouble, and the Sesame Street Pinball song.