Zero Squared #55: Losing Track

Jordannah Elizabeth is a musician, entertainment journalist, author, model and the founder of the literary nonprofit, Publik / Private. Her writing has appeared on VICE,, SF Weekly, MTV Iggy, Ms. Magazine and more.

Her book Don’t Lose Track Vol. 1: 40 Selected Articles, Essays and Q&As, is a mixed tape version of her articles, interviews and reviews, and she’s currently on her book tour.

On Feb 8th: New York, NY – Bluestockings Bookstore
Feb 11th: Baltimore, MD – Red Emma´s Bookstore
(Baltimore Guest Speakers – Playwright, Theresa Columbus & Musician, Afia Lydia)
Feb 16th: Seattle, WA – Left Bank Books Collective
(Seattle Guest Speaker, Sub Pop Artist, Cat Harris-White)
Feb 17th: Portland, OR – In Other Words
Feb 19th: San Francisco, CA – Amnesia
Feb 20th: Los Angeles, CA – Private Event/Book Reading
(Los Angeles Guest Speaker – Fashion Blogger, Candy Washington)
February 27th: Pittsburgh, PA – Straybook TV Author Panel
March 17th: Baltimore, MD – Maryland Dept. of Labor’s Brown Bag Lecture Series

In this episode you’ll also hear about the time I won first place in a national mansplaining competition, the voice of Hunter S. Thompson, excerpts from The Morning After Girls, Tim and Eric, Bill Burr, Jordannah Elizabeth’s Cello Experiment, a piano cover of Drake’s Hotline-Bling, and a warped version of Marc Maron’s WTF podcast theme.

Diet Soap Podcast #214: The Religion of Identity

Amber A’Lee Frost is the guest this week and we discuss her essay “Bro Bash” which was recently published in Jacobin magazine. The essay created quite a stir in twitter social justice circles as a criticism of Sarah Kendzior was mischaracterized and this led to false accusations. Rather than try to explain the whole debacle in my own words I’m going to refer to a helpful info-graphic and I’ll provide a link to it in this week’s show notes.

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