Zero Squared #110: Dark Matters

Nick Dunn is a professor of Urban Design at Lancaster University. He is formerly of the Manchester School of Architecture where he was Principal Lecturer, Director of Studies and Co-director of the [Re_Map] atelier, whose research is concerned with the mapping and representation of urban networks, data and conditions.

His book Dark Matters: A Manifesto of the Nocturnal City, published by Zero Books last November, explores the city at night as a place and time within which escape from the confines of the daytime is possible.

Nicolas Diaz of NetGalley described the book this way: A must read for anyone who’s starting with hauntology, dérive or urbanism in general. It’s short, urgent and written with poetic sensibility.

I want to remind you that Angela Nagle’s book Kill All Normies and Brian Willem’s novel Henry Henry is available for pre-order through Amazon. Henry Henry is an experimental novel comprising two alternating stories: one a factually inaccurate pseudo-biography of 17th-century composer Henry Purcell and the other the story of Purcell’s mid-20th-century biographers.

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