Diet Soap Podcast #186: The Snowden Litmus Test

The guest this week is the columnist Margaret Kimberley. Kimberley’s Freedom Rider column appears on the Black Agenda Report and this week we discuss a column she wrote entitled “The Snowden Litmus Test.”

It’s Wednesday, July 10th, 2013 and I’m Douglas Lain the host of the podcast.

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Here’s an excerpt from Kimberley’s column:

Edward Snowden has been called a traitor, a narcissist, a loser and a danger to national security. Reporters have questioned whether he was friendly enough to his neighbors or why he made a good salary despite having just a GED. He has even been criticized for leaving the military after he broke his legs. His whereabouts are unknown because the federal government is preparing to file charges against him.
Such extravagant and bizarre levels of vitriol can mean only one thing. When politicians and rich pundits all join together to deliver a very public beat down, the victim of the beating is probably someone who did the people a great service.


Pop the Left #3: The Conspiracy Conspiracy

C Derick Varn and Douglas Lain return for the third episode of Pop the Left, a podcast dedicated to moving beyond the impasse in Left politics. This week we take a look at conspiracy theories, the psychology behind them, and the Left’s inability to cope with the prevalence of this approach to politics. Does the bourgeois left benefit from conspiracy thinking? Can we get beyond our own tendency to blame conspiracies for our ideological and political failures? Was 9/11 an inside Job? Did we ever land on the moon? What about entryism?

Three years out of the Zero years and the attendant Bush administration, are we finally ready to face up to the how the Left turned over radical politics to the likes of Alex Jones and David Icke?

Next time on Pop the Left Nicholas Pell will return. Possible subjects to mull over: What is Historical Materialism? What should we make of the Arab Spring? Marxist Humanism and the Self Thinking Idea.

Do you have a suggestion or topic you’d like to hear us discuss? Leave a comment. Special thanks to the North Star blog for helping to promote Popping the Left. pop2