Zero Squared #149: Video Games are Right Wing?

Alfie Bown is the author of The Playstation Dreamworld, a philosophy of games and politics and Enjoying It: Candy Crush and Capitalism. Along with being a theorist on video game culture, he has recently started writing for the Guardian. He recently wrote a review of Ready Player One entitled “Steven Spielberg’s film portrays video gamers at their worst” and before that he wrote a think piece for them entitled “How video games are fuelling the rise of the far right.” It’s this second piece that he’ll be discussing in this week’s episode.

Matthew McKeever’s thought experiment novella entitled Coming From Nothing is available for pre-order from Zero Books. Coming From Nothing is a tragi-comic love story concerned with notions of identity, such as Judith Butler’s idea that sexual identity isn’t determined by the body, and John Locke’s that personal identity is a question of memory. ~ Josh Dever, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Texas at Austin has called McKeever’s book “ a literary beignet sweetened by a rich powdering of philosophical speculation.”

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Zero Squared #134: Sci-Fi Utopias and the Far Right

David Auerbach is an American writer with a background in software engineering. He has written on a variety of subjects, including social issues and popular culture, the environment, computer games and literature. In this episode we discuss an essay he wrote for the Daily Beast in September of this year entitled “The Sci-Fi Roots of the Far Right.”

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I want to urge you to pick up Anselm Jappe’s The Writing on the Wall, Philip Cunliffe’s Lenin Lives, and the first book in a new line of books from Zero: Neglected or Misunderstood: Introducing Theodor Adorno. The Neglected or MisUnderstood series presents philosophers of the left that are either little known or widely misread. Stuart Walton starts the series with a look at Adorno, who has been for everything from the Beatles to postmodernism

Included in this episode are clips from Barry Malzberg’s Beyond Apollo and Issac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy. The music includes the theme from The Quiet Earth.