Zero Squared #108: The Subject of Capitalism

Moishe Postone is a Western Marxist and a Professor of History at the University of Chicago and he is the author of the book Time, Labor and Social Domination a book that won the American Sociological Association’s prize in the theory. In this episode of Zero Squared, Postone discusses whether the working class is the true subject of capitalism and history, the particular particularity of today’s left, and the new Black Lives Matter visa card.

Angela Nagle’s book Kill All Normies is now available for pre-order through Amazon and to let you know that there will be a link to both the UK and US editions in the show notes.

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Diet Soap Podcast #172: The Subject of Capitalism

The guest this week is the author and professor Jodi Dean. Professor Jodi Dean teaches political theory at Hobart and William Smith Colleges in Geneva, NY, and she recently blogged about a chapter from Gilles Dauve and Francois Martin’s book The Eclipse and Re-Emergence of the Communist Movement. We discuss her blog entry and the book in this week’s episode.

It’s Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 and I’m Douglas Lain, the host of the Diet Soap podcast.

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Upcoming episodes of Diet Soap will include conversations with Jason Horsley, David Blacker, and my son Benjamin. Also a conversation with the primitivist John Zerzan is brewing for a future episode of Pop the Left.

The music you’re listening to is the Beethoven’s Ode to Joy played in tribute to the Late James DePreist, who was the music director for the Oregon Symphony from 1980 to 2003. James DePreist was a student of Leonard Bernstein’s and a Portland icon, and he died on February 8th this year. In just a moment you’ll be listening to Jodi Dean and I discuss The Subject of Capitalism. dietsoap172

Diet Soap Podcast #169: A Time for Post-Marxism?

The guest this week is the author and professor McKenzie Wark. Wark is the author of the books the Hacker Manifesto, Gamer Theory, Virtual Geography: Living With Global Media Events, and most recently The Beach Beneath the Street: The Everyday Life and Glorious Times of the Situationist International. This is McKenzie Wark’s second visit to the Diet Soap podcast and this time we discuss the late great Karl Marx and how one should properly worship him…I mean understand his work.

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I should also point out that I recently discovered that the Marxist Humanist Initiative has scheduled a meeting for Wednesday, January 23rd, 2013 entitled the “Impasse in Movements for Social Change and the Need for the ‘Organization of Thought’.” I mention the meeting because the MHI has suggested that participants listen to episode 165 of Diet Soap as preparation for the teleconference. Number 165 was the episode wherein C Derick Varn and I discussed Adorno’s essay “Resignation.” I’m quite pleased to have influenced people to think about the questions posed on Diet Soap.

Diet Soap Rerun: Capitalism’s System Failure

The guest was Marxist economist Andrew Kliman. Kliman is a professor at Pace University, the author of two books: Reclaiming Marx and The Failure of Capitalist Production, and he was a returning guest to the podcast.

Here’s a description of Kliman’s book “The Failure of Capitalist Production.”
The reasons behind the global financial crisis and the Great Recession are the subject of much debate. This is the first book to conclude, on the basis of in-depth analyses of official U.S. data, that Marx’s crisis theory can explain these events.

Marx believed that the rate of profit has a tendency to fall, leading to economic crises and recessions. Many economists, Marxists among them, have dismissed this theory out of hand, but Andrew Kliman’s careful data analysis shows that the rate of profit did indeed decline after the post-World War II boom. He shows that free-market policies have failed to reverse that decline. This fall in profitability led to sluggish investment and economic growth, mounting debt problems, desperate attempts of governments to fight these problems by piling up even more debt – ultimately ending in the Great Recession.

Kliman’s conclusion is simple but shocking: short of socialist transformation, the only way to escape the ‘new normal’ of a stagnant, crisis-prone economy is to restore profitability through full-scale destruction of the value of existing capital assets, something not seen since the Depression of the 1930s.