Zero Squared #98: A Red Worker in a Red State

Terry Tapp is a red worker from a red state. He’s also an artist and a writer. His book, “A Serf’s Journal: The Story of the United States’ Longest Wildcat Strike” is coming out from Zero Books in 2017.

Micah Uetricht of Jacobin Magazine blurbed the book this way:

Every day, millions of people grind their way through miserable work. And every day, a few of them decide the status quo cannot stand — they have to fight back. Very few of either of those stories ever get told, particularly by the heroic people who lived them. Terry Tapp does both in a tale of unbelievably miserable, dangerous work and courageous, fed-up workers up against incredibly tall odds. Anyone who has worked a terrible job should read it. Anyone who has dreamed about fighting back should study it.

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