Zero Squared #83: Taste the Vapor

Grafton Tanner is a writer and musician from Georgia. His writing has appeared in Paste magazine, Film Matters, and The Blue Indian, and his debut book, Babbling Corpse: Vaporwave and the Commodification of Ghosts, was published by Zero Books on June 24, 2016

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This episode includes an advertisement for the Macintosh Plus, a clip from the Internet Club’s hit Pacific, a clip from Chuck Person’s Eccojams volume 1, a Cabin in the Woods Collage, and the newly invented Vaporwave Nike Revolution with George Carlin, and Grafton Tanner’s Rising from the Past.

Zero Squared #82: Reading the Way of Things

Daniel Coffeen is a rhetor and a philosopher — if by philosopher you mean somebody who plays with concepts and ideas. He formally taught at UC Berkeley and the SF Art Institute but now spends his time writing and consulting. Coffeen is a frequent guest to the Zero Squared podcast and his book Reading the Way of Things is out now from Zero Books.

A review of his book on Amazon sums his book up nicely:

Coffeen throws the act of reading into such a dizzying light that I can’t rightly say when I even began reading the book. Was it when it slid from the envelope, announcing itself in its bold, lime-green cover? In one sense yes, as that marked the beginning of the physical reading-event. But in another sense, a different reading started when I first heard Coffeen on the Partially Examined Life podcast, six months prior. And a different sense of reading began when I picked up Anti-Oedipus on a lark in Morningside Heights, New York, 17 months ago. Reading is an event, an interplay between text and reader, where both are always already in motion, hooking up to one another and creating new relations.

Starting next week we’ll be launching the Zero Books membership site which will include a member’s only weekly podcast tentatively titled Inside Zero Books, monthly workshops on critical theory and politics often set up around Zero Books titles, quarterly audiobooks, and, for a slightly higher monthly rate, an invitation only writing workshop.

In this episode you’ll hear the voice of Rick Roderick, the theme from the 70s television show Taxi, a clip from John Berger’s Ways of Seeing, and an excerpt from a speech from Maneul DeLanda.

Zero Squared #66: Basic Drone pt 2

Joanna Demers is associate professor of musicology at the University of Southern California’s Thornton School of Music, where she specializes in post-1945 popular and art music. Her book with Zero Books Drone and Apocalypse was published on December 11th in 2015 and this week she returns to the for part two of a conversation on drone music.

Last week we lost two great musicians. The pop Star Prince and the experimental musician Richard Lyons. Everyone knows about Prince, but Lyons was a founding member of Negativland and it seems appropriate to dedicate this week’s podcast to him and his band.

In this episode you’ll hear an airconditioner shift tones, Timothy Morton discussing the style of the consumer, a clip from 1999, Negativland’s Time Zones, Negativland’s Harry to the Ferry and Pastor Dick and Muriel’s Purse Fund.

Soap Zero #1: Film Stills and Unreality

Zero Books will be the focus of this new new line of Diet Soap specials. Which means this is episode 218 for Diet Soap but it is also episode one of Soap Zero, a podcast dedicated books published by Zero Books. The guest this week is Nicholas Rombes and we discuss his book 10/40/70. The premise of the book is that one can learn about a film by analyzing stills from it,specifically stills lifted from the ten, forty, and seventy minute mark. We take a close look at the Cronenberg’s 1999 film eXistenZ.

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Music and sound clips on this episode include Otto Luening’s “Low Speed” circa 1952, Delia Derbyshire’s “Love Without Sound,” clips from eXistenZ, and a lecture about Deleuze’s Film Theory set to the song Skokiaan as played in the film Slacker.