Zero Squared #104: Uncertain Futures

Edmund Berger is the guest this week. Berger is an independent writer, researcher, and activist living in Louisville, Kentucky. He blogs intermittently at Deterritorial Investigations Unit and Synthetic Zero, and his first book, entitled Uncertain Futures, provides a detailed look into the economic and political conditions of our present moment from a Marxist perspective.

David Winberg columnist for the Straight Dope reviewed the book this way: Berger says “Fascism is nothing less than the intensification of every regressive sentiment to be found in the whole of society, mobilized and put on the march by elements in the ruling class.” And “To reform capitalism at this stage is a revolutionary act.” That’s how far we’ve fallen.

Thanks should go out to members of the Zero Books Club. Zero Books Club members receive access to the Inside Zero Books which sometimes consists of unedited or full length interviews from the Zero Squared podcast, sometimes features conversations with Zero Books readers about the state of the left, and sometimes features public lectures from Zero Books authors or staff. This week the Inside Zero Books podcast will feature the second half of this conversation with Edmund Berger on Marx and Trump.

I should also take a moment to ask you to stop by the Zero Books website and purchase a book on critical theory. You might pick up Uncertain Futures or Alfie Bown’s interview with Srecko Horvat.

8 Apr 2017, 10:48pm
by Mike Robinson


How exactly is UBI “incoherent”?

Universal basic income relies upon running profitable businesses to tax. Mass unemployment through automation will drive down profitability making UBI of any significance impossible to maintain.

9 Apr 2017, 10:16pm
by Mike Robinson


But UBI will enable people to retain purchasing power despite unemployment, and therefor profitability can be maintained. That’s exactly the point (or one of them).


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