Zero Squared #116: Shoving the Russia Conspiracy

Michael Tracey is a reporter for TYT politics and a freelance journalist who has written for Vice, The Nation, Rolling Stone, the Washington Post, The Intercept, and The New Republic, along with many other publications. He has also been a skeptic of the Russia collusion story and on this week’s episode of the Zero Books podcast we continue our discussion of that narrative and specifically take up the ideas in his piece for the New Republic entitled “Why Are Leftists Letting the Democratic Establishment Define the Trump Opposition?”

Also in this episode Tracey discusses a twitter scandal that followed after Tracey tweeted the following:

Rep. Maxine Waters just shoved me and angrily stormed off as I asked her questions. (Not a violent shove but she initiated physical contact)

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6 Jul 2017, 5:38am
by Anonymous Wimp


Doug what about a Diet Soap-style chat with your oldest son regarding US political goings on — perhaps his experience at college, voting, activism, post-Hillary/Bernie Leftism and Trumpism…? Seems like your shared dynamic as father/son and his experience as Gen Z to your X when discussing current political theater/etc might be interesting and dovetail with the last few episodes.


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