Zero Squared #120: Why did leftists head to 8chan?

An anonymous member of leftypol is the guest on this week’s Zero Books podcast. According to the website Know Your Meme leftypol “consists of users who sympathizes with communist ideology and viewpoint. Although many of the memes are centered around the USSR and Albania, almost all the users are opposed to both the USSR and Hoxhaist Albania. The board is also the home of left-wing discussion of ideology and culture, according to the board’s FAQ. The Board is also associated with the USSC (Union of Soviet Socialist Chans).”

If you’re looking for something to read Some Zero Books titles to check out include Angela Nagle’s book Kill All Normies, Joanna Demer’s Anatomy of a Thought Fiction, That Existential Leap: A crime story by Dolan Cummings, and Stephen Lee Naish’s Deconstructing Dirty Dancing.

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