Zero Squared #127: Nagle Answers Her Critics (Such as They Are)

Angela Nagle’s Kill All Normies earned her the title “an old leftist’s idea of what a young leftist should be” by her detractors and “one of the brightest lights in a new generation of left writers who have declared independence from intellectual conformity’ by her champions. We at Zero Books are proud to have published her book and glad to welcome her back as the guest on this week’s podcast.

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6 Oct 2017, 4:54am
by anonymous wimp


fascinating dialogue. it seems maybe some of the community building aspects of online sub-cultures gets into cybernetic theory territory..perhaps the online in-group social dynamics are more influenced by structural influences like feedback and thus a marxian analysis only gets you so far. possibly this accounts for the horseshoe labeling of far left/right online sub-cultures…that online communities share more in common not due to left/right political similarities and overlapping policy and social agendas/values but because the various groups are built and maintain their evolving social homeostasis via similar organizing mechanisms like feedback and other cybernetic structures of order/chaos/cohesion.

turns out there is no such thing as social “homeostasis” which is why there was a need for 2nd order cybernetics, the intertubes just give us new platforms for our old tribalisms…

9 Oct 2017, 5:10am
by anonymous wimp


dmf, that’s an interesting talk that you’ve linked to.

Andy’s a sharp guy for all his old hippie tendencies and that talk cuts right to the heart of the matter.
hey DL, you might be interested in
It’s Just a Joke, Comrade: 100 Years of Russian Satire


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