Zero Squared #135: #metoo vs. #romance?

Josie Appleton is the author of the book Officious: the Rise of the Busybody State which came out from Zero Books in 2016 and in this episode of the podcast she discusses her controversial blog post entitled #Metoo: The criminalization of sexual passion.

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If you haven’t already you might pick up Anselm Jappe’s The Writing on the Wall or Stuart Walton’s Neglected or Misunderstood: Introducing Theodor Adorno. Also, a perfect Christmas gift for the leftist in your life might be Kill All Normies by Angela Nagle.

Divide and Conquer or Divide and Subdivide? How Not to Refight the First International.

Hello Douglas.
I heard your discussion with Thaddeus Russell and thought, wow! A Marxist that is not just spouting the usual stuff. You’re clearly open to new ideas. Which modern Marxism is in dire need of, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’ve just listened to this episode and I am intrigued.
Josie Appleton’s perspective is quite refreshing to hear. I think she is spot on in most of ideas.

Could you please give me a link to the woman you played at 40:28 mark?

I’m going to listen all your other podcasts over the next few days.



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