Zero Squared #33: A Weird Line of Flight?

Daniel Coffeen looks around for freedom in a world of networked conformity. He holds a PhD in Rhetoric from UC Berkeley where he taught adjunct for many years, but now Coffeen works independently, writing about contemporary art, film, language, Deleuze, perception, Uni, capitalism, emergent shapes, pleasure, new media, and tequila. He founded the once-exquisite and makes money by naming products, writing copy, and branding companies.

In Coffeen’s recent blog post entitled In Praise of the Weird he writes:

Weird is surprising in that it neither goes with nor against the grain. It doesn’t try to break the mold; it casts new molds. Or, perhaps, doesn’t care about molds at all but rather enjoys meandering — the schizo stroll. Weird slices through discourse, categories, and common sense. It scrambles — not for the sake of scrambling but because it operates and lives in a world you cannot yet imagine.

In this episode you’ll hear clips from Looney Tunes cartoons, Adventure Time, Brian Eno’s Music for Film, the US version of The Office, Timothy Leary describing his mind mirror, a Facebook television advertisement, an instructional video for the internet circa 1992,and Rod Stewart’s 1969 hit Handbags and the Gladrags which is also the theme for the theme for the UK version of The Office.

It’s interesting to here you guys defend the American version of the office, I have always wondered why it was made. The u.s. version just seemed like a watered down waste of time.

vinnie did they offer a defense or just personal accounts of?

Wait I’ll have to check

30 Aug 2015, 8:05pm
by dave in van


I respectfully suggest/request/behest

7 Sep 2015, 1:19am
by dave in van


Furthermore, (Mr. Lain)
let me say
for these fests I’d
gladly login and pay…
perhaps a few blabs re
la philosophie française?


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