Zero Squared #36: Superstructural Berlin

Nicolas Hausdorf is an independent artist and writer living in Berlin. He writes for Vice Berlin and his book Superstructural Berlin is due out on September 25th from Zero Books.

Superstructural Berlin is an experimental sociology of the city of Berlin. A mix of pamphlet-polemic, cultural critique, and weird colourful mapping enterprise. It tries to investigate the city as a series of infrastructures: drugs, nightclubs, arts, new economy and tourism.

In this episode you’ll hear from Slavoj Zizek, They Might Be Giants, the Krautrock band Can, Norman Mailer, Marshall McLuhan, Terence McKenna, Kid606, and the BBC.

Here are the links to an article of the CIA’s connection to Abstract Expressionism, an essay in French entitled “Secret Warfare in France,” and a link to Cobra res.

bravo, this is the sort of urbane
outsider-artish mashup that one (at least this one)might hope for from the dietsoapboxer.

17 Sep 2015, 5:41am
by douglaslain


Glad you liked this one. Maybe I’m getting the groove back.

not sure that it was as much you (don’t think so) as the topics/catalog, lots of lefty philo presses about but none of the beach under the streets, high-low, surreal, b-movie, tongue-in-cheek, kind of vibe you’ve developed so well over the years.

17 Sep 2015, 9:01pm
by douglaslain


Ah, the word mash-up made me think you were complimenting the audio collages.

yes meant that too, content/form i’m a fan!


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