Zero Squared #53: Thinking Thomas

Thomas Lynn is a youtuber with a new channel entitled “Thinking Thomas.” A few months back he approached me about interviewing Zero Books authors on his channel and since then he has done so at least a few times. The following interview was one of the results of our correspondence and in this conversation you’ll hear us discuss the enlightenment, Adorno, and the perils of “radical” publishing.

I should take a moment now to mention a few of the new books that we’ll have coming in February. Pete Dolack’s It’s Not Over is a 900 page history of socialist revolution in the 20th century with an emphasis on the history of the Soviet Union, Stuart Feather’s Blowing the Lid is a history of the Gay Liberation Front written by a former participant, and Stuart Walton’s “In the Realm of the Senses” is a philosophical reexamination of the notion of materialism. I want to urge you to visit the website and check out these new titles as well as our entire catalog.

In this episode you’ll hear the theme from William Buckley’s Firing Line, an excerpt from a documentary entitled Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking and a clip from Alt Instrumental by Dan Lett.

Xavier is “continental” b/c it is Catholic, theists (and others who don’t identify with human-ists) and others who preach transcendence don’t have access to some extra-human view-point/true-north to set their moral compasses to that humanists/anthropo-logists lack, they too are using all the means of rhetoric/politics/etc (totems&taboos if you will) that the humanist does (and as the only sorts of things we human-beings can do)to get/make their ways in the world,
they just do it in the name of some shadow-puppet author-ity (don’t look behind that curtain!), as St.Fish pointed out even if God himself came and told you thou shalt not murder you would have to do all the sorts of alltoohuman things that we can do (doing what comes naturally as Fish said) to try and decide what “murder” is…


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