Zero Squared #61: Minds, Value, and Irrational Numbers

Andy Marshall and I have read philosophy together for something like four years now, and this week’s episode is a recording of what was to be a discussion of Chapter 15 of Marx’s Capital, Volume 1, but what turned into a debate about the difference between the natural sciences and social science, matter and mind, and knowledge and affect. Included in this conversation is a discussion of the labor theory of value and the reality of the irrational (number.)

It’s Wednesday, March 23, 2016, and I’m Douglas Lain the publisher of Zero Books and the host of this podcast.
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In this episode you’ll hear clips from a youtube video on Pythagoras and Behaviourism, and Clokworx by Mental Flux.

DL, do you think that “free” will somehow acts outside of the laws of physics?

24 Mar 2016, 5:58pm
by douglaslain


I don’t think so, no.

very good,than i don’t think there is a problem with materialism/darwinism along those lines.

25 Mar 2016, 5:02am
by douglaslain


Do you think the outcome of a game of chess is determined by the laws of physics?

given what I’ve been told by physicists things are determined by physics (there is no meta to physics, nothing beyond/outside of), but not at a level that you would know it is so, and it’s our sense of things that matters in these cases, if you get a chance check out that Dennett.
along these lines the fiction writer and philosopher RSBakker might be a good guest for yer podcast:

25 Mar 2016, 6:18pm
by Douglas Lain


Do you think there is a difference between a theory ab out physics and a theory about chess?

sure, but ya know maps vs terrains, we have to make do with heuristics and hopefully not forget that this is all they are.


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