Zero Squared #72: Radical Islam?

Nadim Bakhshov is the guest this week as we continue a conversation about Islam that we started in episode forty-nine entitled Against Capitalist Education. Nadim is the author of a book from Zero with that same title, he is an apostate of a sort, and he was very patient as he discussed the fractured nature of the Muslim faith. This is a conversation that attempts to put the mass shooting in Orlando into a partial context, one that specifically tries to take on the question of Radical Islam from a left perspective, and I want to encourage listeners to respond either with comments on the blog or on Facebook or Twitter.

In this episode you’ll hear a clip describing the philosophy of Emile Durkheim, a clip from the BBC about Nadim’s student who joined ISIS despite Nadim’s best efforts to guide him away from the worst interpretations of the Koran and Islam, as well as some music from the Bezmara Ensemble.

seems to me that there can’t be A Thing that is Islam (or Christianity or such) that one could get right/wrong, be true to or not, or such, just what people who identify themselves (or who we identify with being Islamic) do or don’t do. Also we really need to focus more on the role of various Saudi’s and the like who are spreading their various poisons throughout the world via schools and other means of socialization.


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