Zero Squared #85: Marxism vs Libertarianism

Last Wednesday hosted a debate in Stockholm in cooperation with Marxist-Humanist Initiative and this week’s podcast is a recording of that debate between libertarian economist Per Bylund and marxist economist Andrew Kliman.

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thanks Doug, psyched to listen to this.

28 Sep 2016, 4:40pm
by Steve Debe


Interesting trainwreck! Kliman showed his frustration a few times as the two basically just talked past each without having a common starting point for what constitutes truth or reality. But Kliman could spend a little more time figuring out how to show the inherent absurdity of the idea of an exchange being equitable de facto, concerning only the two parties involved, and more widely, why it should constitute a basis for human existence. Then we can talk about who will build the roads.

I can’t understand how any intelligent, well-meaning person can assert something so obviously absurd as “an exchange always results in both parties being better off” with a straight face. I think most children could come up with scenarios where one party ends up worse off, despite both parties initially agreeing to the exchange.
But I suppose, as you said, it was Kliman’s job to make this clear; and I’m not sure that he did that, unfortunately.


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