Zero Squared #86: Zen City

Eliot Fintushel is the guest this week as we discuss his novel Zen City which was published by Zero Books in June. The book received a starred review in publisher’s weekly:

Zen City succeeds brilliantly, deftly weaving a tragic romance that’s about all of us, and none at all.

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This episode includes an explanation of Zen from Alan Watts along with some instructions on how to ride a bicycle. The music you’re listening to right now is Stereolab’s “Fried Monkey Eggs” but in just a moment you’ll be listening to Fintushel describing life in Zen City.

29 Sep 2016, 11:33pm
by Anonymous wimp


(Very petty comment with apologies in advance: the site was maybe modified a few weeks ago…? It seems very slow to load and the formatting is now sort of awful — it’s lousy on the iPad and it used to format nicely to the iPhone screen proportions — using “” doesn’t help. It would be great if the site worked a bit like it used to and especially nice if it formatted to mobile devices more seamlessly.)

30 Sep 2016, 2:20am
by douglaslain


I’ll see what I can do.

for the most part i enjoyed this novella it would make for a good comic in the old heavy metal style.

30 Sep 2016, 7:35am
by Anonymous wimp


( Good work. today’s tweak has helped and the site is no longer buggy in chrome on the iPhone. )

Big fan on the zero books podcast and the original diet soap. Agree about the suggestion for a “metal hurlant” graphic adaptation, or at least triply Moebius-sequel cover for the book.

30 Sep 2016, 7:39am
by Anonymous wimp


Bugger. Autojumble modified things. Should be “at least” and “trippy” and “moebius-esque”. Nothing zen about how AI and thumbs can subtly and constantly turn ephemeral missives into incoherent koans.


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