Zero Squared Special: The Election of Trump

This week’s Zero Books podcast is a conversation between Zero Books publisher Douglas Lain, Tom O’Brien of the Alpha to Omega podcast, and Zero Books reader C Derick Varn. The discussion is about what everyone is discussing–the surprising defeat of Hillary Clinton and the democratic party and the election of reality TV Star and tycoon Donald Trump.

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No excerpts or music this week. Just an hour and forty minutes conversation on the ramifications of the election of Trump.

if you don’t have a zero author in the queue be interested in hearing you interview TF on his listen liberal book:

Even gods cannot escape boredom. What does he do? He invents human beings – the human is entertaining … But look, even the human is bored. — Friedrich Nietzsche

NPR ‏@NPR 15m15 minutes ago
Trump plans to cancel billions in payments to UN climate change programs & use money to fix America’s water, environmental infrastructure.


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